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Should We Fill-in Our Ketubah Text?

Should you or shouldn’t you have your ketubah text pre-personalized?

As I’ve been meeting with Miami rabbis this week, canadian pharmacy online many have asked me if Ketuv can fill-in the ketubah text with the couple’s details. Of course we can and we do! But, like most ketubah companies, we charge a small fee to do so. As much as we’d love for it to be included, there are serious man-hours (or woman hours, as it were) behind this kind of task, as we want to get the text layout just right.

So, the question then becomes, is it worth the money?

What I’ve found speaking to rabbis is an overwhelming yes: it’s worth it to personalize your ketubah. Though most rabbis are completely capable of filling out the ketubah text approporiate for their denomination, many feel uncomfortable from an entirely aesthetic perspective, they don’t want to “pollute” the calligraphy (or digital calligraphy) with their chicken scratch. Also, they don’t want to have to worry about mistakes because, let’s face it, everybody makes them, even rabbis, however infrequently. An astounding amount of rabbis have had trouble finding the right pen, and have ruined ketubahs with a leaky or runny pen, or a pen that generic pharmacy online doesn’t react in the right way with the surface of the ketubah. (FYI, all of Ketuv’s ketubot get along with Sakura Micron pens of any color. We suggest .005 or .01 weight.)

There are arguments for leaving spaces. Some people like the tactile sense provided by their rabbi’s handwriting. There is a memory created by the handwriting, and by the fact that the details will necessarily be filled out by the officiant, in view of the marrying couple, on their wedding day. However, don’t forget, the big “act” associated with the ketubah is still the signing, and personalization will not detract from that!

This morning I met with Rabbi Bookman at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, Florida. He had a great idea: what if the details could be filled in a different color, a color already present in the ketubah, so that they stood out more? Totally! Good call! Ketuv is totally willing to do your personalization in a different color, should you want it, at no further cost. (Also, keep in mind that if you opt for a custom work or custom text, personalization is included!)

Ultimately, of course, we know you’ve got to balance what’s easiest on your wallet with what’s, well, easiest. But we do suggest that you ask your rabbi what s/he prefers and that you factor the answer into your decision! Remember, your ketubah is going to hang on your wall a long, long time– the owner of the ketubah pictured in this post often mentions to me that he and his wife see it every day upon waking, and every night before going to sleep– so it may be worth the investment!

Update 1/18/12: Because of the overwhelming number of rabbis telling us the same thing– that they would rather receive the ketubah already filled out– and because we want our ketubah artworks to look as beautiful as possible, Ketuv has decided to include personalization/text fill-in for free, as a default service on all of our ketubot. This means the text will be filled in by Ketuv and OK’d by the rabbi/officiant and the couple before the wedding. We hope it makes everyone’s lives easier!