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Interfaith Ketubah Text

Ketuv’s Interfaith text begins similarly to the traditional text of the ketubah, establishing who is marrying who, where and when. The main difference is that it leaves out direct references to the Jewish tradition. The body of the text was written by Ketuv, but draws heavily from the text created by the Association of Humanistic Rabbis. The accompanying Hebrew is a direct translation of the English text.

The truth is, there is no “standard” ketubah text for interfaith couples, and most “Interfaith” texts offered by ketubah companies are original compositions and are often even copyrighted (note: ours are open source!).

Although we call the text below our “Interfaith” text, please be aware that because there is no “standard”, you should always consult with your rabbi or officiant to see if s/he has any specific recommendations. For example, our “Reform” ketubah text may be more appropriate for interfaith couples who are being married by a rabbi and who are making a commitment to keeping a Jewish home. If your rabbi or officiant has small and specific amendments to our text, please let us know. We will likely be able to accommodate them.

The following text is also available and translated in the Hebrew for gay and lesbian couples. For same-sex couples, the signature spaces for “Bride” and “Groom” will be labeled for “Beloveds,” but we can accommodate any alternate or preferred wording.

On some ketubot, this text is available in an “English Only” form.

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