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Chuppahs We Heart: Christine and Nate

This DIY chuppah comes from Christine and Nate in California. It was built from branches collected from the backyard of the bride’s childhood home in Portland. The canope is a batik thrift store fabric, cut to size. The wood boxes were built by the bride and groom (they got a kid at Home Depot to cut the wood down to “not quite the right sizes”), and family members helped pour the cement into the boxes on the wedding day.

There’s a lot to love about this chuppah: elegant, personal, eco-friendly and economical. And let’s not forget the stone-lined aisle. Kinda Andy Goldsworthy.

The couple did A LOT of the wedding details themselves, and you can see a bit of the DIY glory on Christine’s Flickr page, or on her blog. We couldn’t help but notice their awesome homemade ketubah– which Christine describes as a cross between a ketubah and a Quaker wedding certificate. Interesting that both of their heritages (Christine comes from Quaker stock, and Nate is Jewish) include the signing of a marriage document. One of the wonderful details from the Quaker tradition is that everyone present at the wedding signs the document. Very cool. You can hear what Christine has to say about the “Quaker ketubah” on her blog.