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Bummer: Breaking the Engagement

We talk about weddings here, but let’s be honest. Sometimes they don’t happen. Sometimes you’ve got to break the engagement. And even though that’s generally a good thing– better than down the road, at least– there’s going to be some hurt feelings. Some major bummage. We recently got wind of Bummer Baskets, and we think they’re a great idea if you know someone who needs cheering up, particularly someone who “thought s/he was the one.” Jew points: This idea of sending baskets reminds us of the Jewish holiday custom of mishloach manot, sending baskets of goodies. It’s also directly related to the very important mitzvah of bikkur cholim: visiting or extending aid to the sick (I include the heartsick in this definition). Check it out:

Break-Up Basket (for her), $29.95

Break-Up Basket (for him), $32.95

Bummer Basket founder Scott Laborsky also shared this Bummer Teddy– hand-sewn here in New York–that will soon be offered through the site to all those in need of some extra love:

We feel better already.